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Wetlands are an important part of the natural landscape. They provide an important habitat for many sources of wildlife, bird and insects, and perform the function of cleaning the water which we use. Whether you have an existing wetland, or are looking to create a new one, it is important it is managed appropriately in order that it will function correctly.

Waterbodies are important resources, acting as a source for irrigation, recreation and as landscape features. Aquatic systems are dynamic and can quickly be overtaken by vegetation or dominated by algae. Maintaining them requires an understanding of particular ecological principles, such as indicator species, which this course explores.

This course is delivered by a consultant ecologist. By the end of this course learners will be able to:

• Understand the ecological principles underlying aquatic systems

• Appreciate the Health & Safety issues associated with the management of wetland and pond habitats

• Have an understanding of monitoring systems, potential problems, and management options

• Be able to identify plants and habitats

• Have an appreciation and understanding of specific issues such as litter collection around ponds

• Understand how to maintain pond margins

• Fully understand the limits of individuals and know when to seek professional/advanced assistance

• Know where to source further guidance and information

Please see the foot of this page to download the course summary sheet.

Koi pond management training: We also provide training for the specialist management and maintenance of koi carp ponds, run by a consultant aquaculturalist. Please contact us for further details.

Available For:

On-site courses can be arranged across the UK for groups of 4 or more.

Suitable For:

Land owners, estates and facilities managers, volunteers at charitable organisations, and those looking to create and maintain ponds or wetlands.


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