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Props and ploughers; a rugby groundsman’s tale
Valence School, offers some do’s and don’ts for looking after a rugby pitch in winter. Hi everyone. l am thrilled to be publishing my first blog and my years...
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Three’s company for the ongoing management of the historic Bowood estate
The ongoing management of historic estates as thriving communities where people work together to make the most of the land’s assets remains key to their comm...
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Rare Japanese knotweed hybrid found in south Wales
A team of Swansea University scientists have discovered a rare Japanese knotweed hybrid in south Wales. Although this could mean further proliferation of kno...
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Machinery training – Why it’s important
In our last article we spoke about how training is a shared responsibility and becoming a necessity in a fast moving and ever-changing industry. Here, traini...
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Government introduces new Environment Bill
The government has introduced an Environment Bill to Parliament to tackle climate change. It is said to help ensure that we maintain and improve our environm...
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Players at Killingworth Young People’s Club United at one venue thanks to opening of new 3G pitch
Footballers at Killingworth Young People’s Club (KYPC) no longer need to traipse around Northumberland for training and matches thanks to the opening of the ...
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