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Pesticides of the future – Part 2
In the last issue, Maxwell Amenity Technical Manager John Handley stated that the case in favour of chemical pesticides is that they have worked in the past....
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Spring maintenance of bowling greens 2019
The joys of spring soon come round each year. The Bowling Green fraternity will soon be seen out practicing and playing on their bowling greens up and down t...
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A common-sense approach to surveying your trees
In the present climate of litigation, many clubs are now afraid of the words health and safety. However, with a common sense approach to surveying your trees...
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Sharks and Dolphins II
In the first of a two-part article, Frank Newberry, tutor at Grounds Training, reported on the perils of giving people feedback on their performance at work....
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Pesticides – A brief history and analysis
In part one of a two part article, Maxwell Amenity Technical Manager John Handley provides a brief history and analysis of the current situation surrounding ...
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Disease management – time to be proactive
In recent years, we’ve seen a continually changing landscape in our industry, relating most notably to the chemical armoury we have available to us. The days...
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