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Double standards?
News that the 2026 men’s World Cup will be played entirely on grass means an apology is in order to top female soccer players. So says the U.S. lawyer who re...
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AquaTrax brings Ashton Playing Fields running track back to ‘as new’ condition
Ashton Playing Fields provide a variety of sports and leisure facilities across their 50-acre site in Chigwell, Essex. Home to Woodford Green and Essex Ladie...
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Fact, fiction and weed management
We live in a world of instant communication and 24 hour news. The power of social media means any story can be transmitted instantly by the press of a button...
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The ‘long’ employment journey…
Chris Long is now the Head of Grounds at the University of Leicester. But, as is the case for a surprising number, just to transfer from greens to grounds to...
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Pesticide Forum Annual Report 2017 is now available
The Health & Safety Executive’s (HSE) Pesticides in the UK: The 2017 report on the impacts and sustainable use of pesticides is now available to download as ...
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Captains fantastic!
It is said that it was at the University of Cambridge’s cricket ground Fenner’s that the very first ‘striping of grass’ was publicly conducted, making Lee De...
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