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AJ Bell Stadium – Binary Codes
Hosting two professional rugby clubs at AJ Bell Stadium, one of the 13-man code and one of the 15-, Dan Huffman, 50, has studs and scrums on his surface year...
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Latest health and safety guidelines for turf professionals ‘could save lives’ following major review
The Greenkeepers Training Committee (GTC) has launched a free-to-use web-based platform created by the Xact Group that aims to ensure golf club employers und...
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Cricket renovation (only cheaper)
We’ve had a couple of requests for autumn renovation advice from those cricket clubs on the tightest budgets, and thought we’d put a little something togethe...
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No Can Do!
Trainer Frank Newberry has been helping people to be more assertive at work for over thirty years. Saying ‘no’ to requests for help can be difficult. Frank p...
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People’s manifesto’ to save British wildlife from ‘mass extinction in our own backyard’
An end to seal and grouse shooting, dog-free nature reserves and a tax on pesticides are among the proposals being released as part of a “people’s manifesto”...
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Commonwealth Games brings Bowls to HQ
Royal Leamington Spa’s historic Victoria Park was one of the first sports facilities to be named as a venue for the 2022 Commonwealth Games, after Birmingham...
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