Lantra Awards leads the way in Forestry and Arboriculture

Lantra Awards recently introduced its suite of refresher training modules, covering ground-based forestry & arboricultural operations.

These new and improved courses have been produced in view of feedback from experts, instructors, and from those working in the industry, to closer meet the needs of the industry, and reflect National Occupational Standards (NOS).

The courses will refresh operators with the appropriate techniques and knowledge to ensure that they continue to be confident when working within forestry, arboriculture or allied industries.

They will also ensure awareness of current health and safety legislation and industry good practice, keeping individuals up-to-date and skilled.

Each module is supported by its own workbook outlining minimum course content and must only be delivered by instructors approved by Lantra Awards.

The modules are short, sharp and focussed, and will provide refresher training for operators that have already undertaken Lantra Awards training and/or certification in each module of activity.

Lantra Awards has also taken huge steps in order to offer learners a seamless experience. Since 1st October 2012, it has been offering learners the opportunity to go straight from training to assessment with the same Awarding Organisation.

To ensure that high standards are maintained, it has continued to invest in the quality assurance of its service provision by recruiting Liam McKeown as the new standards verifier.

He has re-assimilated the training network and helped re-define standards, with a new recruitment drive currently underway to recruit external verifiers that meet the new standards.

There is no limit to the amount of modules that can be booked, allowing flexibility, and each course can be tailor-made based on the needs and wants of the individual learner or groups of learners. Each module has guided delivery times, and practical training sessions.

Lantra Awards continues to demonstrate its ethos of supporting and helping to up-skill the industry by sponsoring the Register of Tree Work Operatives (R2). This is a new initiative designed to help tree workers and arboricultural businesses record and demonstrate their skills, knowledge and experience, and is due to launch in 2014.

R2 aims to unite the arboricutural industry through a transparent and consistent skills and career progression framework. Key partners from across the industry are steering this initiative, with sponsors including Makita, Bartlett Tree Experts, and CTC Recruitment alongside Lantra Awards.

The organisation continues to develop new training courses and qualifications which will be launched later in the year. New titles include: Aerial Tree Rigging, Assisted Felling Operations and Emergency Tree Work.