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Wildflower meadows, once one of most common habitats in lowland Britain, have been almost eradicated, with over 95% being lost in the last century. There is an increasing need to understand the ecological principles underlying these areas to ensure protected species and habitats aren't degraded and that areas improve ecologically.

This 1-2 day Lantra accredited wildflower meadow training course enables attendees to develop an understanding of the basic ecology of wildflower meadows. It takes place at your site and you will receive general information as well as advice and guidance specific to your own particular venue. You will learn about historical and modern management techniques, habitat loss, soil type, texture and pH, plant identification, wildflower meadow classification, and monitoring techniques.

Upon completion of this course, learners will be able to:

• Understand and appreciate the general requirements of a wildflower meadow

• Determine the condition of a wildflower meadow

• Develop an understanding of the ecological principles at work within a wildflower area

• Determine how an area can be improved from a conservation perspective

• Identify indicator species and know how to set up an effective monitoring system

• Understand what corrections may be required to reinstate balance into a system

• Have an understanding of the mechanisms required to maintain a wildflower meadow

Please see the course summary sheet at the foot of this page for more information about the course content.

Available For:

On-site courses can be arranged at any UK location for groups of 4 or more.

Suitable For:

Land owners, estates and facilities managers, horticultural and agricultural contractors, local authority green spaces teams, charitable and community groups, groundstaff, greenkeeping teams and anyone responsible for maintaining an existing wildflower meadow, or wishing to create a new one.


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