Applied Ecology > Turf Science Essentials (1-day) and Soil Science and Turf Management Principles (2 days)


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These courses enable participants to determine what is good quality turf and the mechanisms by which it can be achieved. A deeper understanding of the basic management and maintenance required for turf will help managers make decisions on different strategies to enhance the diversity inherent within a natural system. Participants develop an insight into the specific management requirements of their facility. It usually takes place over 1 or 2 days, depending on the depth of learning that the client feels is most appropriate to the participants. Topics can be adjusted to suit your team.

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Available For:

On-site courses can be arranged in many areas of the UK for groups of 4 or more. Maximum 10 per course.

Suitable For:

Groundspersons, greenkeepers and others who require a deeper understanding of turf cultivation and management.


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