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City & Guilds NPTC



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City & Guilds NPTC: 001408 or 001409


Integrated/Independent - Practical test with one to one verbal questioning

It covers pre-use checks, maintenance, identification of controls and instruments and operating the machine with attachments.

All independent assessments are undertaken on a separate day, a few days after the training.

On completion of the course, you'll be able to:

• List the types of hazards which may be encountered and how these should be dealt with

• Check the immediate work area for hazards and obstacles

• Identify Health and Safety legislation, and codes of practice in relation to the preparation and use of tractors

• Identify Health and Safety issues in relation to the preparation and use of tractors

• Describe the capabilities of the tractor and the expected efficiency of tractor operation

• Identify types of attachments that are safe to use and compatible with the tractor and those that are not

• Describe different types of attachments and how they are secured

• Maintain the efficiency of tractor and attachment performance through the appropriate operation of the tractor

• List the required pre-start checks and adjustments (Safety Checks)

• Describe the ways in which the tractor should be manoeuvred, and how different weather and ground conditions must be taken into account

• Ensure that attachments are compatible with tractor

• Explain the safe use of attachments

Available For:

On-site to groups, email info@groundstraining.com for a quote stating how many people you anticipate will attend.

Suitable For:

Those who use a compact tractor as part of their work, for example highway maintenance, cemeteries, parks, gardens and amenity horticultural staff.

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