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Identifying hazardous trees is a vital part of a number of jobs, from park rangers to estate workers. This popular training course is designed to help you recognise and then report issues to an appropriate expert. It's a basic one-day course to give you the knowledge to be able to identify potential hazards. It is suitable for contractors, tree wardens, grounds maintenance and greenkeeping staff, rangers and other persons of a non-arboricultural background or with limited arboricultural knowledge. An experienced instructor will guide you through a balanced mix of theory and practice. After learning about the relevant health and safety issues, as well as key legislation and risk assessments, you will head outside for practical session identifying hazardous trees.

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • State the legal and safety implications of hazardous trees
  • Maintain your own health and safety while carrying out a basic tree survey and inspection
  • Recognise hazardous trees
  • Determine the level of risk
  • Decide on an appropriate course of action
  • Collect and maintain adequate information
  • Recognise their own limitations

Upon completion, participants will receive a Lantra Awards Certificate of training.

Available For:

On-site to groups. Please email for a quotation stating how many people you anticipate will attend.

Suitable For:

Anyone employed as local authority highway inspectors, forestry, woodland or arboricultural employees, park rangers, farmers and other landowners and their employees, grounds maintenance and greenkeeping teams, and estates teams at visitor attractions or private estates.


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