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Integrated/Independent - Practical test with one-to-one verbal questioning

This course enables the participant to use an ATV (Sit-In Conventional Steer, Sit-In Skid Steer (tracked or wheeled) and Sit Astride (quad bike)) safely and with confidence, understanding the fundamentals of driving, loading, and Health and Safety. Experienced instructors guide you though all the key areas required to master ATV riding. There's a balanced mix of theory and practice, starting with a detailed look at key health and safety issues. You'll also learn the finer points of route planning and understand exactly what the vehicle can do, then you'll be on the vehicle and into a series of practical sessions. You'll be taught basic manoeuvres and get to grips with riding on a range of different terrains.

This intensive course covers;

  • Accident prevention
  • What is an ATV?
  • Daily/safety checks
  • Possible problems
  • Route planning – risk assessment
  • Familiarisation with instruments and controls
  • Starting and stopping the machine
  • Driving the machine – basic manoeuvres
  • Ascend/Descend/Traverse safely
  • Limitations of loaded ATVs
  • Practical exercise

Upon completion you'll receive a certificate of competence.

Available For:

Group course only. On-site for groups of 4 or more.

Suitable For:

Anyone who uses, or will be using, an All Terrain Vehicle in the course of their day-to-day work.

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